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PCSS Bonamoussadi Student Leadership Training

5th December 2020 at the Lendi Campus

PCSS Bonamoussadi Student Leadership Training

5th December 2020 at the Lendi Campus


The TESHO team was invited by the GM/Principal of PCSS Bonamoussadi to give a training to the form five and lower 6th prefects and students on leadership on the 5th of December 2020. This training was sponsored by the TEFON HR company as an expression of her Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) geared towards the community.


PCSS Bonamoussadi is a Christian comprehensive high school that is just in its second year of operation. It is the brainchild of Presbyterian Church (PC) Bonamoussadi when they were faced with an influx of IDPs from the conflict-torn Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon. All of these IDPs had suffered mental trauma due to the ongoing conflict and many children had not been to school for two years or more. PC Bonamoussadi had to shelf her project of constructing a retreat center on land they had acquired in order to build a comprehensive high school to meet the needs of these internally displaced students in need of Christian education.

The school started last year with an enrollment of about 70 students. This year 2020 the student population has gone up to nearly two hundred students and the principal saw the need to have a full student government made up of prefects led by the senior prefect.

There was a need to train the students on leadership skills because teens face many challenges and they need to make choices, some that may be helpful and others that might be detrimental to their wellbeing and the wellbeing of the whole school.

The training

The close to 30 students were presented with the following agenda read out by the Principal:

1) Opening prayer

2) The choices we make in life.

3) Leadership and the connection between the word of God and leadership

4) The 2nd CV

5) Actions that can ENHANCE leadership and the 2nd CV.

6) Actions that can destroy leadership and the 2nd CV

7) Two real life leadership testimonies from two youths/Questions/ Answers.

8) Closing prayers/ group pictures.


Leadership was defined to the students as doing the right thing at all times even if nobody is watching. If a person cannot lead himself/ herself, that person cannot lead others. Followers have to see something greater and higher in their leader in order to willingly follow that leader. They as students were all young leaders working to become the leaders of tomorrow.

2nd CV

The second CV in life is a summary of how people live their lives. All actions and words are observed by classmates, family and friends all of which are catalogued in the person's 2nd CV.

After understanding these two notions of leadership and the 2nd CV, the students were asked to name those attitudes that could enhance their leadership and 2nd CV.


  1. Obey school rules and regulations.
  2. Respect your elders.
  3. Helping others in times of difficulties.
  4. Integrity.
  5. Volunteer work.
  6. Humility.
  7. Self-control.
  8. Concentrate on your studies.
  9. Cultivate unity.

They were then asked to name those attitudes that can destroy their leadership and 2nd CV.


  1. Laziness
  2. Gossiping
  3. Disobedience.
  4. Hypocrisy
  5. Anger.
  6. Theft.
  7. Jealousy
  8. Lying
  9. Bullying.
  10. Greed.
  11. Cheating.
  12. Gluttony
  13. Fighting.
  14. Fornication.
  15. Taking bribes from fellow students.
  16. Pride/Arrogance.
  17. Boasting
  18. Drugs/smoking


  1. To a youth after his testimony – when you had challenges, did you ever think of giving up? If so how did you overcome that feeling?
  2. Is it possible for someone to turn back from the bad ways and start working on a good 2nd CV?

A closing prayer and a picture session ended the Leadership Training for the PCSS Bonamoussadi form 5 and lower 6th students.

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