Address: 254 Rue Bebey Eyidi, Akwa Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
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TEFON Engineering

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Welcome to TEFON Engineering

We conceive and execute roads and buildings. Construction and rehabilitation projects and any related civil engineering jobs anywhere in cameroon.
Electrical engineering and maintenance of high voltage networks HTA and HTB. We carry out electro-mechanical and electrical rehabilitation, extensions and repairs in dams and power transformation stations.


Our services are achieved through our teams of experts in various specializations

Electrical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Telecommunication Towers

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TEFON Engineering is driven by a desire to improve life, achieve excellence, work with the highest standards of integrity and employ a diverse workforce that values working together

We seek to create a unique experience every day for employees and customers.

254 Rue Bebey Eyidi, Akwa

P.O BOX 842 Douala

(+237) 681 14 15 14 | 694 01 05 41

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"We offer a UNIQUE and PLEASANT EXPERIENCE to every stakeholder, Respecting International Safety Standards, Procedures and our safety instructions in the exercise of our daily activities guarantees optimum performance to the satisfaction of our clients."


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(+237) 681 14 15 14 | 694 01 05 41 | 233 43 95 74

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

254 Rue Bebey Eyidi, Akwa