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Be Sure Of a Unique and Pleasant Experience

We Build Unique Employee and Employer Experiences

Find Jobs, Employment and Career Opportunities.
A Person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected


We deliver competent engineers to the right industries which bring about positive results.


Leverage our world-class resources to bring you solution-oriented professionals

Information Technology

Provide for the IT industry professionals who create a competitive advantage.


Operations personnel who, troubleshoot and maintain the systems and equipment.

Human Resources

A people management base with competitive advantage through our greatest resource.

Project Management

Provide experts in project development and execution as you work with industry leaders.

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Welcome to TEFON HR

TEFON HR is a one-stop for all your recruitment and manpower placement needs. Our commitment is to fully understand your requirements, source the best candidates for the job and then ensure that they are ready to perform their best at the earliest     and for always.


With our 20 years of experience, we welcome you to live the Unique and Pleasant Experience that TEFON HR offers all stakeholders.

What We Do

World Class Service

The Tefon HR Service offer is for the provision of Temporary Manpower staff in the following areas:

Planning:  Our organized strategy for hiring employees acts as a timeline for companies to find qualified applicants without downtime for the company.
Recruitment: We use our powerful source base to identify job vacancies, analyze job requirements, review applications, screen, shortlist and select the right applicants.
Onboarding: We equip new employees with the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order for them to become effective organizational team members.
Staff administration: Our specialized structure ensures that all client staff are properly managed in the most efficient and effective manner in order to achieve set objectives of our clients.
Payroll management: With a strong organizational policy in place, we make sure the administration of our client's employee financial records are strictly followed up and the needful done in time.
Staff performance evaluation: We Provide employees with feedback, so as to improve value and job performance.
End of Contract Management: Our contract management process is well established such as to avoid any problems for employees or for our clients.


TEFON HR is Unique 

Financial guarantees to follow you in all your types of projects.

A customer satisfaction-oriented approach.

A dynamic, experienced, proactive, mobile and constantly improving staff.

A quality-oriented service.

TEFON HR in the process of obtaining the ISO 9001 v 2015 certification so as to guarantee quality service for our clients.

Billing flows are managed in an integrated information system (TEFON Billing Workflow) thus ensuring serenity, peace of mind       and total satisfaction of our clients.

TEFON HR is registered with the CAMEROON Ministry of Employment and professional training.

TEFON HR is MLC 2006 (Marine Labor Convention) certified.

Payroll operations are managed using the SAGE payroll & RH I7GENERATION software, thereby making the processing of a           large number of employees efficient.

Building People

Peter Drucker says that the 4 most important assets of any company are People, People, People, People.
TEFON HR People plucked off the ISO 9001:2015 Certification just like this!
John Maxwell also says this: You do not build a company. You build People and the People build the company. The TEFON HR GM built his People and his wonderful People built the TEFON HR to the ISO 9001:2015 Certification like nobody's business. Bravo TEFON HR vedettes! You are the best People in the world. Come meet our TEFON HR People for the taste of A Unique and Pleasant Experience.

What Our Customers Say

Neh Tchiazah iEngineering
Generally, iEngineering is very satisfied with the services of TEFON HR. As professionals, we strive for improvements and flexibility when dealing with foreseen and unforeseen changes. Nevertheless, we are confident in the professional standards of TEFON HR.
Aina Olawale Dangote Cement
Thank you very much TEFON HR, your work standard is very good.
For reference and validity, send mail to Client Review
Talking of TEFON HR I think it is the best company in this field in Cameroon.
Thank you once again and keep going

For reference and validity, send mail to Hello to TEFON board
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and satisfaction about the services received from this company during the year of our contract. I'm very happy and even proud to see a company in my own country working in such a professional and serious manner. Its been a good experience, and somehow, we shall meet again. By then, stay blessed and more grease to your elbows.
Thanks TEFON.


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"We offer a UNIQUE and PLEASANT EXPERIENCE to every stakeholder, Respecting International Safety Standards, Procedures and our safety instructions in the exercise of our daily activities guarantees optimum performance to the satisfaction of our clients."


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